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Accolade Ventures is a multinational group with a focus set currently on the South Asian region. United by one common business philosophy, we have ventured into diversified business interests such as Manufacturing, Automobile, Engineering, Global Security Services, Transportation as well as Travel & Tourism. We at Accolade Ventures Group, directors and associates combine vast experience and qualifications with wide-ranging experience in the automotive, security services, engineering and hospitality industry. The directors of Accolade Ventures account for many years of experience across all the industries we have ventured into. This is across multiple business environments in different socio-economic conditions. This equips them with the required knowledge and skill to respond to client needs in rapid time and develop innovative cutting edge solutions. The success of our business direction is evident in us having attracted clients from across South Asian countries as well as from the United States. Most importantly we have come to realize that we cannot consider ourselves as a lone entity of the environment. We are a part of an Eco-system and we are only as good as the rest of partners. So Accolade Ventures has entered into partnerships with many other reputed global and regional organizations which enhance our ability to satisfy the customer requirements.

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